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Meetings are 1st Tuesday of every month at
12.30 - 2pm (UK time)

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Meeting Summaries

A night full of glamour and glitz.  There were speeches from a series of hosts who introduced the nominees with such enthusiasm that was difficult for the nominees to top them, but they did.  There was evaluation (after all we are Toastmasters) and finally voting to find the Best Oscar winning speeches and evaluations.   

You are welcome to join us and see for yourself.

The meeting was facilitated by Jean Stuart, a keynote speaker known as the powerhouse of humour. Jean provided guidance and feedback on a speech outlining the the “Sausage-gate” scandal (despite the obstruction to justice we will continue to protect those responsible).During the comedy Table Topic session, there were no further admissions of illegal activity.  

You are welcome to join us and see for yourself.

We collaborated with colleagues to develop a convincing argument that we presented to a panel of judges. Having outlined the whole of our argument, we began to build a structured case.Debating is an excellent way to improve speaking skills and assist develop the ability to concisely and clearly express complex issues. We used style to communicate our arguments! 

You are welcome to join us and see for yourself.

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